About us

About us

SOFITEX® was founded in 1992 by the head of the company Eng. Strachil Atanassov. Due to his foresight and entrepreneurial sense, the company’s main goals were successfully achieved.

Eng. Strachil Atanassov has created a team of like-minded people and professionals, who today follow the map he has drawn for the creation and manufacturing of high-quality company garments.

During our 25-year history, we have been able to build our production base for the realization of a large product range of corporate wear for our customers.

The main activities related to the company’s growth and development are focused on investment in new equipment, continuous employee trainings, and creation of new clothing models.


We are here to help and take care of our clients.


We create quality and comfort, and we provide personalized approach and service tailored to the client.


We strive for better brand marketing through quality.

We promise only what we can fulfill. We are people of action!

Everything we create must be tailored to the client’s requirements.

We are constantly finding new ways to improve!